FiltaFry Ideal Franchise Candidate

Wondering Who’s The ideal Filta Franchise Owner?

Never stepped foot in a commercial kitchen?

We’re proud of the fact that our FiltaFry franchise opportunity appeals to a wide variety of investors with professional backgrounds that run the gamut. That means our business model is doing its job: providing the groundwork for operations and procedures and making it easier for just about anyone to join the Filta Environmental Kitchen Solutions family!

Our Proven System is designed to help all of us grow together…

01 Determination and persistence

starting a small business takes a lot of drive and a passion that’ll keep you motivated and moving. Determination and persistence are important keys to success.

02 Attention to service

why own a business in the service industry if you’re not a people-person? First-rate service leaves a lasting impression that goes a long way toward building trust and respect – and your customer base! 

03 Honesty

it’s not called the best policy for nothing. We run our business with integrity and transparency, and we expect the same of our franchisees.

04 A capacity to learn quickly

though none of the Filta franchise systems are complex, the ideal operator must be a quick learner. You’ll need to pick up on instruction and execution comfortably, so you can move on to building your business.

05 Putting customers first

they’ll be your biggest advocates and will be integral to building referral business. This means being customer-focused, and if there’s a problem or issue, it’s important to be committed to a quick and friendly resolution.

06 Confidence and solid self-esteem

any business owner should have his or her fair share of it, no matter what industry they work in. These traits will go a long way toward helping you build your Filta Environmental Kitchen Solutions franchise and see success.

The Readiness Factor

If your FiltaFry Franchise is successful, we’re successful.

Of course, in addition to being honest, persistent, and ready to learn, a Filta franchise candidate must show financial stability and demonstrate a certain amount of capital. This is an important consideration we show all our candidates because financial stability prepares you for the inevitable ups and downs of owning and operating your franchise, especially when you’re first starting out. Our Investment page can give you more details, and the good news is, your Filta startup costs factor in just about everything you’ll need to get your business up and running

Learn More During Our FiltaFry Franchise Discovery Day

One of the best ways – if not the best way – to find out more about the FiltaFry franchise opportunity is to come to one of our Discovery Days. Discovery Day is designed to be your chance to see our business up close and meet with senior management and staff who, if you are awarded a franchise with us, will be your day-to-day support group.

Participating in a Discovery Day means you’ve done your homework: you’ve delved into our website, read our information package, participated in our online presentation with our Vice President of Franchise Development, and have done some preliminary research into our industry and market. Discovery Days are a great way for us to get to know each other better and to move forward in the Filta Environmental Kitchen Solutions franchise process.

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