Low Investment Franchise Opportunity

How Much is the Filta Franchise Investment?

Filta is a low investment franchise, so the costs may be lower than you think. Having been franchising since 1996, we’ve streamlined our costs so that our franchisees can rest assured they aren’t wasting money on frivolous expenses.

While we’re confident we’ve established an estimate range that takes all costs into consideration, ultimately the exact amount you’ll invest will depend on factors like where you’re located.

All in all, the Filta franchise cost…

  • Includes your initial franchise fee that grants you access to our proprietary technology and brand name
  • Covers virtually all costs to start a mobile active fryer management and cooking oil filtration business
  • Entitles you to training and support throughout the life of your business

Here, we’ve provided you with some strong estimates based on nearly 20 years of experience.

The Total Estimated Initial Filta Franchise Cost

We estimate that the total cost to start a low investment franchise with us will run between $123,600 to $139,250. This figure includes our initial franchise fee of $39,950 and our opening package which is $69,950. There are leasing options that can help to lower the out-of-pocket cost upfront.

The initial franchise fee is one of the most important expenses of the Filta franchise cost because paying it entitles you to operate under the Filta brand name. As a leader in the kitchen active fryer management business, doing business under the Filta name is an important benefit and one that immediately sets you apart from the competition. Your franchise fee also helps to offset some of the costs associated with your onboarding. We invest a good deal of resources into teaching you our business model and work hard to bring you up to speed on our industry and its potential.

Our Technology

At Filta, these costs also grant you the right to use the proprietary technology that keeps our brand one step ahead of the rest. We’ve spent years developing the micro-filtration technology that allows us to purify used cooking oil to a degree no other method can match. With our help, our customers find that they’re able to use their cooking oil far longer than they could without our services, so we actually save them money. Without this technology, it would be virtually impossible to achieve the same results.

As we’ve outlined, the initial franchise fee is a crucial part of the Filta franchise cost because it gives our franchisees a lasting competitive advantage.

Other Expenses Included with a Low Investment Franchise

An Approved Vehicle: Filta is a mobile franchise, meaning you don’t need to bother with the expenses associated with commercial real estate. You will need to invest in an approved van that will be suitable to get you and/or your crew to job sites, and that can store everything needed to get the job done.

Vehicle Preparation: The van(s) you use to run your business will need to be customized to suit your purposes. The costs to outfit your van with a ramp and other equipment to accommodate the mobile filtration unit are included in your estimated initial investment – we’ve even accounted for Filta decals!

Marketing Materials: You’ll receive promotional products, like pens and brochures, to hand out to help you recruit new customers in your territory. We’ll also share strategies with you on how to best get the word out about your new business.

FiltaFry Mobile Filtration Unit: This is the technology we just referred to. As part of your investment, you’ll receive all of the necessary components to utilize our mobile filtration system – right down to gloves and paper towels to keep job sites neat!