From Technical Sales Engineer to Thriving Business Owner: Introducing Filta Franchisee JJ Paul

Over the coming weeks, we will interview a number of Filta Franchise owners, here, on the blog, and share their inspiring stories. This week, we’ll meet JJ Paul, former Microsoft Certified Engineer and Technical Sales Manager, who left the IT field after 14 years to pursue his dream of owning his own business.

JJ Paul, Filta Franchisee

Location: Birmingham, Alabama

Years as a Filta franchisee: 8

Before becoming a Filta franchisee: Microsoft certified engineer, certified Cisco specialist, and Senior Technical Sales Engineer. Worked in the IT field for 14 years and was ready for a change.

Did you imagine you would be where you are today when you first became a franchise owner? 

“My success with Filta has been far beyond my wildest dreams. I know that is cliché, but it really is. Because of this opportunity, it has taken me so far beyond where I envisioned. I always said I would own a business, and then I would retire, and that would be it. This is opening up opportunities that I never really thought would be possible.“

How did you find out about Filta?

“A friend of mine told me about Filta and I decided I would go down to Orlando with my family for a discovery day. That Monday, I got laid off from my job. That’s when I drew the line in the sand and decided I would never work for anyone else again.”

Do you feel that a good open relationship between you and the franchisor is important and has that relationship been helpful in your growth so far and for the future?

“With Filta, you’ve got a company that really wants to continue to grow and add more pieces to the portfolio. They’ve always been responsive, I think that is the biggest thing. Filta is adapting and growing with us (the franchisees) instead of sitting on the sideline.”

“The team in place at Filta’s national headquarters is a cut above the rest. These people strategically understand what the goal is, what they need to get done, and they execute and get it done. They’ve done an amazing job.”

What Else Makes Filta Unique?

“The service is literally nothing like anything else in the world. Others may filter the grease, but they’re not cleaning and managing it, looking at the temperatures, providing you oil, giving you true solutions to your problems, and then managing those problems. Nobody out there in the world does what we do at Filta!”

What do you enjoy most about working for yourself?

“Being a business owner gives me the opportunity to open up this realm for the guys that work for me. I’m a motivational speaker to these guys, I’m a coach, a friend, and even a father figure. I have the opportunity to mold and shape them into great people. Our Motto is: Always empower each other to greatness.”

Is your family involved in the business? If so, how?

My family is very much involved. My wife is actually the owner of the company. She is treasurer and secretary, so she handles the financial side of the business. You name it, we work together on it. I have three boys and the 15- and 16-year-old both help with the business.

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