Filta Franchise Training Course Feedback


Feedback from Filta Franchise Owners who have just completed the Filta In-House Training course.

Next is a week in field with an existing Franchise Owner and then a Filta Business Development Manager travels to each of their territory’s for 2 weeks sales support.

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“Before the course I didn’t know what to expect. Never ran my own business before. It seemed like a black hole. Afterwards, after seeing what the plan is, seeing the experiences of other franchisees, much more confident now. It’s a plan that works and I’m sure it’ll work for me.”

“I definitely have a higher confidence level than I did previously. I believe that I was confident coming in but just learning about the machine and the detail that you get as well as the sales process and how everything works just boosted that confidence level even more.”

“The confidence level that I have from the time that I started till the end of the week was, I mean it’s through the roof. I learned so much more than what you could just by reading stuff from all the techs and all the instructors and all that stuff. It was very beneficial to be part of this time here.”

“I found all parts of the course to be very informative. Our instructors took the time to break down the information so it was easy for digestion. I truly was impressed with the amount of knowledge that the instructors brought to us and the sincerity in which they delivered it to us.”

“I liked the hands on actually of the machine. You’re seeing a lot on pictures and to really get a piece of the machine to really understand how it works and see the detail that gives you the confidence that it’s something that’s relatively simple and you can handle that way. As an owner probably the biggest, the most beneficial part was Jason’s business model. Here we’ve been, our salesmen calculating all sorts of business models to our best ability. Then to look at his models, very detailed and can really show some pretty good results if you follow the plan.”

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