Navigating Unprecedented Times with Strong Customer Service

Filta is a brand that has always been defined by its people and a passion for serving clients and protecting the staff of commercial kitchens across the country. That passion for service is born out of the backing the brand’s leadership team has for its hundreds of franchisees across the country. That support has never been more evident than it has been over the last year following the onset of the COVID-19 global pandemic.

“If there is one thing the last year has taught us is that in order to operate as a successful franchise you must provide outstanding service, nurture strong operations, cultivate a core customer base, foster resilient leadership and possess a willingness to serve,” said Adam Blake, Filta Environmental Kitchen Solutions vice president of franchise development. “However, as a franchisor, if you don’t have a meaningful connection with your franchisees, things can unravel quickly.” 

Growing up in a family that was entrepreneurial, it seems our founder Jason Sayers was destined to open Filta. Sure, there were some bumps along the way, but one thing that has remained constant over our nearly 25-year history is our insistence on building meaningful relationships with our franchisees. 

Of course, financial performance, geographic availability, territory exclusivity, product innovation, and the strength of a powerful executive team are all important aspects of a successful brand – but without real human connection and a little bit of empathy, even the best brands ultimately ring hollow and rudderless. Now with nearly 150 franchisees in 40 states, we’re convinced we’re doing a few things right because we’ve always built our franchise culture based on trust and understanding.   

It’s one thing to take our word for it, but perhaps it’s a bit easier to understand our Filta culture when it comes directly from our franchisees themselves. 

Gary Welbaum has been around the Filta brand for more than three years. He owns the territory covering Highland, Michigan and the surrounding communities. 

“My idea of a company is being able to go out and help people. Being able to make a living off of helping people and saving people’s money, saving consumption, and helping out the environment…. It was amazing to find a fit like this,” said Welbaum. “

In early 2020 Keri Gardner was downsized from her six-figure position as a vice president for an executive health company and realized pretty quickly that she didn’t want to work for anyone else again. After being introduced to Filta, she has developed a special connection with the brand and our mission of environmental sustainability.

“With a franchise, you have a blueprint to guide you,” Gardner recently told Newsday. “Filta has structured marketing, training manuals, everything I needed. They allowed me to talk to other franchisees. Management was an open book. I believe in them.” 

Another owner who exemplifies how Filta builds relationships with franchisees is Rick Clark, who opened nearly five years ago in St. Peterburg, Fla. and the surrounding markets. While Clark became an instant fan of our service the first time he saw our micro-filtration process, he attributes Filta’s connection to its franchisees and its ongoing support as the tipping point for him becoming a franchisee.

“I chose Filta because it gave me an opportunity really get into a market where instead of focusing on competition and changing everything, I could focus on customers,” said Clark. “I could plan around growth in a much more controlled environment.”

Relationships matter both in business and in our personal lives. If there is something we’ve learned in 2020 – it’s that. It’s something at Filta we’ve never shied away from because we believe in order to be successful and grow, we must continue to forge new relationships and reinforce old ones among our franchisee network. This vision has allowed Filta to continue to grow despite COVID. From our corporate support systems to our simplified business model, the entire Filta franchise system is designed to position local franchise owners for success. 

With a strong brand identity, excellent franchise relationships, and a passionate executive leadership team, Filta also boasts an affordable average initial investment of approximately $103,100 – $116,700. Because Filta is a home-based, multi-service and multi-van business offering, it provides entrepreneurs a predictable revenue stream model built on weekly repeat business within exclusive territories. With minimal overhead, a marginal equipment investment and a customer base that is easily scalable, Filta owners are well positioned for success.

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