Why a Mobile Franchise with Filta? 

The Filta Advantage

We know you’ve got choices when it comes to franchise investments, but we believe the Filta mobile franchise opportunity is one of the best out there. We’re the leaders in our industry because of the attention we pay to innovation and to customer service, and when you partner with us to realize your dream of business ownership, you’ll tap into our years of experience and our dedication to your success!

We offer a unique line of environmentally friendly services which means little to no direct competition in your market.  



Our signature full-fryer management system, FiltaFry, is an eco-friendly, mobile onsite service of the micro-filtration of cooking oil, the vacuum-based cleaning of deep fryers, and full fryer management. Customers receive a comprehensive fryer management service, which includes temperature calibration, cooking oil filtration, and a thorough vacuuming of each fryer.


This increasingly important service allows for the recycling of spent cooking oil into reusable (and sellable!) biodiesel. The disposal of used cooking oil is an environmentally important task, and kitchens often put waste oil collection bins out by their dumpsters for commercial services removal. This can cause problems with pests, possible bin overflows, and potential fines. Our FiltaBio service takes care of these potential hazards.



Walk-in coolers have a built-in struggle with moisture; every time their doors swing open, the warm air rushes in and meets the cold air, creating moisture. This results in the perfect environment for mold, bacteria, odors, and food deterioration. But our FiltaCool moisture-controlling system for walk-in coolers reduces the threat of all that.


Our revolutionary FiltaDrain service provides an environmentally safe way of keeping drains clean, eliminating the foul smells, odors and flies that dirty drains are often associated with.



Our newest service line provides a thorough deep cleaning of the entire kitchen from floor to ceiling. When a client’s business involves food, cleanliness and sanitation are crucial to their success. FiltaClean is the perfect solution from a trusted provider. 


“Green” Means the Environment – and Your Franchise Bottom Line!

When we say”green,” we don’t just mean being environmentally responsible – we’re also talking about your bottom line! What began as one service has now grown to include not only FiltaClean, but four other services that you’ll be able to leverage as you grow your Filta mobile franchise.

Our scalable, home-based business model means more freedom for owners and more potential for growth. Because we were the first to introduce mobile commercial micro-filtration in the U.S., and have an established reputation for providing environmentally-friendly services to commercial kitchens everywhere, we’re pioneers, and continue to be the leaders in our industry. Better than that, we have very few competitors! What does that mean to our franchisees? It means when you open your mobile franchise with Filta there’ll be no looking over your shoulder for the competition! Instead, you’ll be free to look ahead – to growing your new business, to enjoying more financial freedom, and to contributing to the outstanding reputation of the Filta brand name.

The Filta Family

One of the most important benefits of partnering with a franchisor like Filta when you start your van based franchise is the training and support you can count on, before, during, and after you begin your business, including a comprehensive two-week training program and technical, sales, and business support hotlines. We believe strongly in supporting our franchisees because we know their success is our success. Becoming part of the Filta family means you gain immediate access to our proven business model and guidance from a team of experts to help you avoid mistakes and keep you on track. None of these perks are available to anyone starting their small business from scratch.

Little to no competition, a scalable and home-based business model, and expert franchise training and support: these are just some of the reasons why more and more investors are starting their mobile franchise with Filta. Today, we service over 7,000 customers a month, and when you join the Filta brand, you’ll be part of that robust and growing market.

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