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A Unique Opportunity

A Filta franchise is a one of a kind mobile business opportunity that’s perfect for investors who don’t want to be tied to an office. Our environmental kitchen solutions franchise operates by sending technicians to restaurants and other food service businesses to filter their cooking oil. 

The Filta difference is that we have no serious competitors. In fact, we introduced micro-filtration service to the U.S. and have long established ourselves as the industry leader worldwide. We have the “Filta factor” when it comes to franchise services.

Who We Are

Established in 1996, Filta provides cooking oil filtration and fryer management services to commercial customers through the FiltaFry service. 

We are comprised of 128 franchisees in North America, most of which are multi-van operators, and 28 franchisees in Europe.

Our support center is located in Orlando, Florida.  The support staff will help you every step of the way as you build and grow you new business. 

What We Do

We keep commercial kitchens across the country running smoothly and safely. FiltaFry, our cooking oil filtration service, extends the life of cooking oil.  When it’s time for an oil change, our oil recycling service, FiltaBio, safely removes used oil to turn into eco-friendly biodiesel. Along with FiltaGold, our fresh oil delivery service, our clients’ enjoy stress free fryer management. 

Our suite of commercial kitchen cleaning services include FiltaClean, FiltaCool and FiltaDrain. Together they keep our client’s kitchens spotless using environmentally friendly cleaning methods.  


More Than Your Bottom Line Will Be Green!

Potential Yearly Environmental Impact Of One Customer

Oil Saved

7800 LBS

Oil Collected

6240 LBS

Plastic Saved

267 LBS

Diesel Saved

167 Gallons

Water Saved

10M Gallons

Electricity Saved

6240 LBS

Yearly CO2 Savings Is Like Planting

847 Trees!

*Savings based on a single customer with three 50 pound fryers filtering each once per week and recycling the oil once per week. 

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