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Unveiling Our Brand and Green Franchise Opportunities

If you’re exploring potential green franchise opportunities, have you heard of Filta Environmental Kitchen Solutions yet? Our brand has grown significantly since 1996, and we are always looking for new franchise partners to take advantage of our exciting opportunity. If you aren’t familiar with Filta, or just want to find out more about our brand, we invite you to take a moment to learn why thousands of businesses call on the Filta team of professionals every day. 

Our Mission 

Before Filta Environmental Kitchen Solutions came along, managing the fryers and discarding fryer oil was a risky process that often had detrimental effects, not only on our environment, but on a business’ bottom line as well. Today, Filta offers commercial businesses across the globe a far more innovative process of managing their deep fryers by using a proprietary micro-filtering system and a vacuum based deep cleaning system. Rather than just sending used oil down the drain, our team is able to rejuvenate the oil by removing impurities so that it can be used for significantly longer than it would be used otherwise.  This service is in high demand due to the amount of frying that is done in most American commercial kitchens.  A typical customer is visited 1-2 times each and every week.  When you join the Filta family, you can look forward to partnering with a brand that is constantly moving forward. Our team is always looking for new ways to bolster our offerings in order to provide our clients with the best and most convenient commercial kitchen services possible.  

Range of Services

The added competitive edge of all our services is that we’re able to go to our clients directly, thanks to our full-suited service vehicles. Thousands of customers rely on Filta because they know we’re a dependable brand that can provide them with an environmentally-friendly way to filter and reuse their oil. We started off with one service, but now we have grown our capabilities to include the following:

  • FiltaFry: Our trademark fryer management and micro-filtration service that cleans out impurities in cooking oil, which also includes vacuum-based cleaning of deep fryers, and the removal and replacement at the end of the oil’s life. 
  • FiltaBio: Rather than dumping oil in a bin or down the drain, FiltaBio allows our clients to recycle their spent waste in an environmentally-friendly way by eliminating the smelly oil bins.  This has helped us avoid the negative effects of improper oil disposal and help steer our clients clear of potential fines. 
  • FiltaCool: This moisture-controlling system reduces the potential for bacteria and mold growth, odor creation, and food waste in walk-in fridges or coolers. FiltaCool helps save clients the expense and headaches caused by moisture creation in cold places where food is kept. 
  • FiltaDrain: Neglected drains can often lead to foul odors and even potential pests. FiltaDrain is another added service to help our clients avoid the unpleasant smells of bacteria-infested disposal drains.  
  • FiltaShield: Keeping our clients’ businesses clean is a full-time job, and it doesn’t stop with oil management or deep cleaning of drains or fryers. FiltaShield is a full sanitization service that eliminates germs, bacteria, or viruses like COVID-19, from surfaces around the workplace. Our team of technicians is fully trained to handle cutting-edge cleaning technology to ensure that our clients’ workspace is safe and sanitized.

Green Franchise Opportunities 

So, who is Filta? Put simply, our brand stands for what’s best for our clients and franchise owners. When you take advantage of our green franchise opportunities, you can look forward to partnering with a team that does everything possible to meet our clients’ evolving needs and expectations. Furthermore, no matter how large Filta Environmental Kitchen Solutions grows, we make sure to keep a good feel for what’s going on in the world of our franchise owners. Our franchise support team is there to help you grow your business and meet the goals you’ve set for yourself — today, and beyond!

Would you like to learn more about our green franchise opportunities, the investment, or our training and support of new franchisees? Feel free to contact a member of our team today!

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