Filta Mobile Franchise Opportunity: The Smartest Start-Up

These days, the traditional approach of starting a business is not only quite risky, but somewhat unrealistic in today’s economic climate.  Fortunately, many entrepreneurs who are hesitant to start building a brand by themselves have found that franchising is a great way to navigate business ownership. Now, you don’t have to put everything on the line and just hope for the best — our mobile franchise opportunity makes business ownership obtainable. Filta Environmental Kitchen Solutions is looking for new franchise owners who are passionate about the concept of owning a business and are willing to learn from our years of experience. Let’s dive into some important information about the benefits of franchising. 

Evidence of Success

Unknowns can be a real source of stress for budding businesses, especially if you don’t have a set strategy. Statistics show that nearly 50% of companies fail within their first five years, mostly due to a lack of awareness and resources to continue any initial momentum. 

Franchising is an easy way to avoid those bumps in the road. Filta Environmental Kitchen Solutions has been around since 1996, and we have expanded to over 300 locations across the globe. The owners of those locations have worked with major brand names, such as Chick-fil-A, Whole Foods Market, Sheraton Hotels and Resorts, and so many more. No need to worry about testing the industry with something that isn’t proven to work — our services have made an impression with businesses everywhere!

A Clear Investment

One reason why entrepreneurs often turn to the franchise concept is because of its built-in transparency. There’s a lot of relief that comes with knowing what your money is going toward. Independent business owners can quickly run through their funds, and before they know it, their well has run dry. At Filta Environmental Kitchen Solutions, we’ll provide you with clear financial expectations so that there are no surprises down the road. Our initial investment estimates include just about everything you’ll need to get going, including an approved vehicle, mobile preparation, marketing materials, and your FiltaFry Mobile Filtration Unit. To take advantage of our mobile franchise opportunity, you can expect to invest between $108,300 and $122,050 toward your Filta Environmental Kitchen Solutions franchise. Additional details are outlined in our franchise disclosure document, which you can request a copy of by contacting a member of our team today. 


As an independent business owner, it’s hard to prepare yourself for the next five years. Even if your service is similar to that of an existing brand, you never know how your unique market will react. Franchising is an easier way to take advantage of an enticing business ownership opportunity, even if you don’t have any relevant industry experience. Franchise owners who join our mobile franchise opportunity will learn the basics of operation during our comprehensive training program. Once completed, they have access to our numerous support resources to assist them in their ongoing efforts. In short, we are here to help our franchise owners throughout the entire journey — no partnership is stronger than the one that’s forged when you join the Filta family!

Are you interested in our mobile franchise opportunity? We want to get to know you better, and learn more about your goals. Get in touch with a member of our team today!

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