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Why Customers Choose Filta’s Eco-Friendly Franchise First!

Even if you have never heard of Filta, chances are you’ve visited one of the brands that have hired our cooking oil micro filtration services. When you invest in Filta’s eco-friendly franchise, you can look forward to a reputation that surpasses any of our competitors. Brand awareness and trust is a crucial box to check when searching for a franchise brand, so let’s dive into why our customers always choose a Filta franchise first. 

Unparalleled Customer Care

Any of our current owners will agree — if you want to become a Filta franchise owner, you must understand the importance of customer care. While our team services over 7,000 customers each week, we never miss the mark on making sure their needs are met. Customer service and sales might be two separate entities of a business, but they overlap for businesses that want to obtain new clients and retain those they’ve helped in the past. When you’re doing your research on eco-friendly franchise opportunities, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a brand that takes customer care more seriously than Filta. 

Creating a Trusted Reputation  

Our team keeps everything honest and transparent for our clients because their business allows us to keep the lights on. Our customers are esteemed businesses that count on us for improvements based on their unique situations. Like any business relationship, trust is vital. Our clients understand that any recommendations of services we make to them are in their best interest. We value transparency across the board, and that includes the relationship we build with our franchise partners. 

Expertise in the Field

A big reason that Filta has become the go-to eco-friendly franchise is our years of industry expertise. Not everyone understands the nuances of environmental kitchen solutions, but we help our clients understand exactly what they will be getting when they trust Filta to meet their needs. We guide them through the benefits of our service, why it’s essential, and how our strategies help achieve their green goals. We also help them improve their business environment with sanitization services that eliminate germs, bacteria, and viruses. No matter the type of job, our process is methodical. Best of all, if you’re interested in investing in a Filta franchise, you don’t need to worry about coming to it with any experience in the industry. Our new franchisees walk away from our training with the skills and resources they need to run their own eco-friendly franchise

Do you want to learn more about investing in an eco-friendly franchise? Feel free to reach out to a member of our team today!

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