About Our Environmental Franchise

“There’s Got To Be A Better Way…”

That’s exactly what one of our founders thought, after a friend of his suffered third-degree burns while changing fryer oil. It left him wondering why there wasn’t a better way to handle this dangerous job. Well, his pain was your gain, because from that unfortunate accident Filta Environmental Kitchen Solutions was born.  It’s a mouthful, we know, but “environmental kitchen solutions” describes our line of innovative services that inherently preserve the environment wherever food is fried or refrigerated. What began in the UK decades ago now serves thousands of customers across the globe, and when you join our brand family, you can be part of that.

Filta’s environmental franchises have been handling the tough but essential job of fryer management and cooking oil filtration and removal (and other important related tasks) for restaurants and food establishments for over 20 years. Our proprietary filtration system gets more life out of commercial cooking oil, saving our customers time and money, and our ability to recycle oil once it’s outlived its usefulness means protecting the environment from spills and haphazard disposal. Today, Filta meets the needs of over 7,000 customers every week, and when you partner with us to open your Filta Environmental Kitchen Solutions franchise, you’ll enjoy the freedom of being your own boss, benefit from unmatched franchisor support, and tap into multiple revenue streams that leave the environment healthier and employees safer from the risk of painful burns and other accidents.


Who Our Environmental Franchises Serve

Providing Solutions Across Many Industries
Services We Offer
  • Fryer management and cooking oil filtration services
  • Binless removal of waste cooking oil
  • A fresh oil supply without the hassle of bulk buying or storing it in-house
  • Moisture and humidity control services for walk-in coolers
  • Drain management and reduction of drain buildup
Industries We Serve
  • Restaurants
  • Hospitals
  • Grocery Stores
  • Colleges
  • Hotels
  • Stadiums
  • Retailers
  • And more!

Why Stop at One Good Green Thing?

The Filta brand started with FiltaFry, our signature full-fryer management system that is an eco-friendly, bin-free, mobile onsite service for the micro-filtration of cooking oil. But as our reputation and success grew, we asked ourselves: why stop at one good green thing?

Today, the Filta franchise offers a range of services to meet a variety of commercial kitchen needs, including FiltaBio, which allows for the removal and recycling of spent cooking oil into reusable (and sellable!) biodiesel, and FiltaCool, our moisture-controlling system for walk-in coolers that reduces the threat of mold, bacteria, odors, and food deterioration. Our new and revolutionary FiltaDrain service provides an environmentally safe way of keeping drains clean, eliminating the foul smells, odors and flies that dirty drains are often associated with.

FiltaFry, FiltaBio, FiltaDrain, and FiltaCool are four important offerings that save our customers time and money, and that you’ll be able to leverage when you partner with us to operate your Filta Environmental Kitchen Solutions franchise.

More Than Just Restaurants

When you partner with us to open your Filta Environmental franchise, you’ll quickly realize that our services are in demand by more than just restaurants. In fact, we serve thousands of customers working in a wide range of industries. Our services are generally required on a weekly basis, which means franchisees can count on dependable and predictable revenue as they grow their businesses.

Furthermore, because we make sure all our environmental franchises see tremendous training and support, the Filta brand is made up of investors from all walks of life and with all sorts of experience – former restaurant managers, telecom operators, insurance representatives, administrators, construction workers, sales reps, grocery managers, pilots and more!

Our Mission with Our Environmental Franchise

We never stop researching, never stop developing, and never stop growing. Our commitment to the brand and our franchisees means we’re dedicated to increasing the profitability of each franchise owner, year after year. We work hard to provide them with new and improved environmental kitchen solutions that they can leverage to meet the needs of their customers and grow the reach of their franchise. We understand that in order for the Filta brand to succeed, we all must succeed.

  • 1996

    FiltaFry Established

  • 1997

    First Franchise Owner

  • 1998

    First Master License Australia

  • 2002

    First Enters US Market

  • 2013

    First Benelux Master License

  • 2014

    Other Markets Entered

    Ireland, Poland, Portugal, Costa Rica

  • 2015

    Reached 30 UK Franchises and 120 US Franchises

  • 2017

    Listed on London Stock Exchange

    Entered Canada

    US network reaches $40M in annual revenue

  • 2018

    Acquires FiltaFry Deutschland

    Enters Austria

  • 2022

    Merged with Franchise Brands

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