Are You Ready For A Discovery Day?

In our experience many individuals are nervous that a visit to corporate will be a high pressure situation. That may be the case with other companies, but certainly not Filta.

Discovery Day is designed to be YOUR day, a chance to see the business, meet with senior management and staff who, if you are awarded a franchise with us, will be your day to day support group. If you return home and decide that it may not be for you, please let us know and we will simply close your file and wish you well. However, if you still feel enthused about the business, then and only then will we ask you to send to us your formal application.

This will then be our chance to get to know you better and, following further discussions over weeks or months if necessary, we can both decide if we are a good match for each other.

Discovery Day Survey

We ask every visitor to Discovery Day to complete a short survey of the experience. Please take a moment to read the data below.
*Please note these are genuine surveys and you are more than welcome to review them.

Question 01

Do you believe that it was worth your time to join us for Discovery Day?

qouteYes, very much so. There’s nothing like seeing the MFU in action and meeting people in person. Everyone was friendly and very positive in their presentation and the information they presented was interesting an forthright.

qouteAbsolutely. It was very informative and provided a good feel for the company as a whole. It was great meeting, and interacting, with individuals from all aspects of the operation including the owner (his commitment and enthusiasm for the company and their products was definitely felt and appreciated).

qouteDefinitely worthwhile. The exposure to the customers’ environment as well as a variety of Filta personnel allowed me to gather the answers to many questions in a short-time.

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Question 02

Did you feel any pressure during Discover Day

qouteNo. We felt it was a very professional and relaxed environment. Also, that it was important to filta that this be a good fit for both the interested party and the company.

qoute None. That is a very appealing factor as well. Traditionally, franchises are very aggressive and would have been a deal breaker for me.

qoute No, it was informative without any pressure regarding purchase of a franchise.

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