Filta Updates its Franchise Development Training Program


Filta Environmental Kitchen Solutions, the company that invented fryer management provides service to commercial kitchens across the United States and around the world, announces the recent enhancements to their “Franchise Development” training course.

Filta’s Fall 2015 Franchise Development Course, a week-long training included enhancements to the following three key areas: “Speak Easy” an interactive tool for building sales competence, “Hands On” technical training on how to maintain the MFU, and an “End of Course Exam” round robin 4-hour exercise to demonstrate proficiency.

The first major improvement allowed the participants to interact in the sales experience, allowing for role playing and progression of critical skills in the sales process. The interactive role play called “Speak Easy”, allows the users to practice in a virtual realm instead of practicing on their market, because making mistakes on potential customers is never fun.

A second intentional change to the Filta training was to give more hands on and situational experience that translates to the “Real World”. This streamlining from theoretical to practical provided condensed days instead of a longer nine to five schedule. The extra time was great for each new Franchise Owner to bond with other business owners and the Filta corporate support staff.

This training gave us confidence going forward in operation and growing our organizations,” said Mark Vinson, Filta Franchise Owner and graduate of the Fall 2015 Training Course.

The last key addition to the training was the ability to measure each new Franchise Owner’s level of preparedness. The last day of the week each participant completed a “round robin” 4-hour rotational competency exam that reveals key strengths, as well as areas of improvement needed.

These enhancements have created an efficient and effective start-up for the new Franchise Owners.

We want each of our Franchisees to grow successful Filta businesses within their markets. We have the highest confidence that this class will succeed.”, said Rob Totten, Filta Development Director.

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