“Special” Todd Barnum talks about his Filta Franchise

I started in training. I said something stupid. “I’m sorry, I’m special.” Ever since then I’ve been called, “Special Todd.” Even my awards say, “Special Todd.” My license plate says, “Special Todd.” Everybody in Corporate knows me as “Special Todd”. I’m “Special Todd.”

Very optimistic as to the growth of my business. I have two vans, I’m sorry, three vans, I just started the third one. I’m looking to put into place a forth one in probably about eight months. I’ve got a lot of things in the works. Filta Corporate is really doing well in helping us to grow as Franchise Owners.

Filta is a nurturing parent company because they offer us tech support. I can call Brandon on the phone if I’ve got an issue and say, “Brandon, my machine’s down. Help me, what can I do?” I have Inside Sales people that I can give them a what we call a “Wish List”, and I can say, “I cannot get into these to talk to this company.” I give it to Inside Sales and they start calling and calling and trying to find a good contact and then call me back and say, “I’ve got a name, I’ve got a number. Go talk to them.” That allows us to walk in the door warm without doing cold calls, and they expect us. That helps to increase our sales.

Attending the Filta Conference is wonderful because you get to talk with all the rest of the owners. You get to talk about their problems, their issues, how they’ve overcome things. Their growth, how they’ve grown, what they’ve done wrong in their growth. You’re able to meet other people so if you have a problem in your area you get to know your neighbor, so if I’m down a machine part and you call your neighbor and say, “Hey man, I need this part. Do you have it?” He’s, “Sure, come on up and get it.” You go up and get it, you come back and you keep on going.

You’re able to utilize all those people around you and continue to learn how to grow your business through somebody else’s mistakes, as well as you get help from them. There’s a plan in place now. They know that the barriers that they’re trying to overcome in the past, they’re there. They’re at that barrier, we’re taking it down. We know where we want to go now. He’s the information for the Franchise Owners, let’s go.

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