Joanna Reissfelder Talks about Her Experience with Filta

When Dad first started the business we all thought he was crazy. He kind of took me under his wing, and I went out cold calling and I really got an understanding of the business. My dad would hire me to go out and get different accounts. I remember driving through Boston, when he bought the Boston territory, and he brought me through Fenway, and I’d never been through that area. Or, that can remember that I’d been through. He goes, “I want to get that account”. We happened to go to a food show, and my dad gave me some, kind of incentives, to just go out and get as many leads as I could. I did mailings, I did callings, I did anything I could, and I made my pitch. Because of that, I now run Fenway with my dad.

I’m in charge of all of the managing. I’m in contact with our contact woman constantly. It’s difficult at times, but I think that my dad and I have a great relationship. We’re able to really pull as many people as we can to help us. That’s why my little brother now, is involved in the company, because I’m his boss. That’s been kind of fun. I don’t think he’d say the same but, I know of Fenway Park in and out. I can call anyone on the phone, and tell them how to get somewhere, and how to do something. I think that that’s been very valuable to my dad

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