Filta Franchise Grows in San Diego with 10 New Vans

When Jason Sydlowski and Ethan Cohen acquired the San Diego-area Filta Environmental Kitchen Solutions (Filta) franchise, the existing business was already profitable, servicing a decent number of clients from one van.

Today, the business partners have basically exploded the franchise to a total of 10 vans (plus a box truck dedicated to the Padres Stadium) and they provide cooking oil filtration services and waste oil removal that is converted into bio-diesel fuel for about 150 clients on the desirable 50-mile coastline from Camp Pendleton to the Mexican border. They consistently rank as one of the highest performing franchisees across Filta’s nearly 150 North American units.

“We have a bit of a different business model than most other owners,” Sydlowski said. “Some Filta franchisees elect to gravitate to national corporate clients and large business food establishments. We understand that any commercial kitchen with a fryer is our target customer, and, as of today, our clientele is currently 85 percent restaurants.  We see potential to increase our profitability by working our vans around the clock to expand our customer base and we’re moving toward that goal.”

Sydlowski explained that most of their work delivering, filtering and removing/recycling oil in restaurants happens overnight so they don’t disrupt a restaurant’s primary business hours. However, he and his business partner Cohen predict, if they increase the number of larger corporate accounts which they’d service during the day, they could staff up for daytime shifts, run the vans 24/7, and blow their productivity through the roof.

“As a team, Cohen and Sydlowksi couldn’t be stronger and more balanced and you see that in their profitable numbers, satisfied customers and continued growth trajectory,” said Tom Dunn, Filta Environmental Kitchen Solutions chief operating officer. “We are going on eight years now of solid, predictable development in their San Diego territory and that proven, regular expansion is the business model that is pretty much textbook for Filta.”

With a staff of up to 17 total employees, customized scheduling and intensive programming are all key to Sydlowski and Cohen and their sales rep, operational manager, technician and supervisor team.

Cohen has strong skills in sales and the restaurant delivery business, originally in Arizona and Southern California before he permanently transitioned to San Diego. Sydlowski balances the
team operationally, with real estate expertise from his time working in both Atlanta and Long Beach. With Cohen’s restaurant industry connections paired with Sydlowski’s general contractor “fix it” nature and interest in renewable and alternative energy, the team is well- positioned for ongoing success.

Filta Environmental Kitchen Solutions is a home-based, multi-service, multi-van franchise system offering a predictable revenue stream built on weekly repeat business within exclusive territories. With minimal overhead, marginal equipment investment and a customer base that is easily scalable, Filta franchisees serve thousands of clients weekly, ranging from single and chain restaurants to commercial kitchens inside casinos, hospitals, hotels, groceries, universities, business facilities, stadiums (NFL, NCAA, MLB, NHL), and more.

Filta is currently seeking single and multi-unit operators specifically in areas including New York, New Jersey, Hawaii, Long Island, Seattle, Tulsa, Green Bay and Portland.

An initial franchise investment ranges from approximately $103,100 to $116,700 and includes a $39,950 territory fee. For more information about franchising with Filta, visit

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