Filta Franchise Nationwide Journey: Tradeshows and Conventions Recap 2023

Over the past few months, Filta has participated in tradeshows and conventions across the country including The Florida Restaurant and Lodging Show in Orlando, Florida, the National Restaurant Association Show in Chicago, Illinois, the Louisiana Foodservice Expo in New Orleans, Louisiana and other local food and hospitality shows.

At the beginning of November, Filta will travel once again; this time to Los Angeles, California for The West Coast Franchise Expo to demonstrate how they have built their company with the help of franchising.

Tradeshows are a very useful tool to help increase brand awareness and get a business’s name out into the public.  These shows let companies in a specific industry showcase their latest products and services; as well as let them study other businesses and examine present market trends.  Filta uses these expos as an opportunity to educate potential customers about their services and to help the company grow.

So far, Filta’s involvement in tradeshows has been nothing but positive.  With thousands of potential customers passing your booth, how could it not be?

The Filta company and its franchise owners benefit from tradeshows.  At the shows, different franchise representatives are always present from the local areas, giving interested customers a chance to speak with the franchisee they will be directly dealing with.  This provides the consumer with a personal feel to the company, helping them to remember Filta above others.

Not only are tradeshows and expos a very useful tool to spread a company’s name, but they can be very enjoyable as well.  Check out some pictures of the Filta team at their shows.

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