Why Filta is One of the Best Low Investment Franchise Opportunities

As you’ve been searching for low investment franchise opportunities, you’ve probably already come across the term “initial investment” quite a few times. With each franchise opportunity, the expectation is, upon signing an agreement to support their business, the franchisee agrees to come through with the required specific amount. You can find a lot of information about the investment in the brand’s Franchise Disclosure Document, but today we wanted to break down some of the costs you can expect with Filta

How Much You Invest 

We estimate that your initial start-up investment for your low investment franchise opportunity at Filta will range between $108,300 and $122,050. That includes our franchise fee, opening package, financial liquidity, and everything you’ll need to get up and running. If you prefer to spread out the costs to invest, there are also leasing options available. It can lessen the angst of any immediate financial burden. 

What makes this style of business ownership option better than starting alone is the peace of mind knowing there will be no extraordinary hidden expenses beyond the initial investment. While there will be ongoing payments such as royalty fees and so forth, you don’t need to worry about unforeseen costs that independent owners sometimes face. Those surprise expenses can undoubtedly lead to sleepless nights. When you choose Filta’s low investment franchise opportunities, your financials are far more predictable. 

What Your Money Gets You

The Tech: Filta has been able to stand out amongst our competitors because we elevate our services through the use of proprietary technology. Without it, achieving the same results would be impossible because we know there is no other method that can match our filtration process. As part of the franchise fee, you’ll see the incredible advantage the process provides your business instantly.  

Mobility: Since our business is purely mobile, you’ll never have to worry about paying a landlord or investing in utilities. All of the costs to outfit your van and customize it is included in the initial investment so that when your team rolls out, they have everything they need to get the job done. 

Brand Accessibility: Filta has been the industry leader for oil filtration and fryer management for over two decades. Our reputation has helped us land some noteworthy accounts, so doing business under the Filta name is a significant benefit. By paying the franchise fee, you get access to our brand and marketing support.

Training and Long-Term Support: Our franchisees have a much easier time setting up and starting their business thanks to our initial training and long-term support. This training includes a two-week program and then sales and technical support throughout the lifetime of your business. 

Would you like to learn more about our low investment franchise opportunities? Get in touch with a member of our franchise development team today.

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