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Why Explore Our Green Business Franchise Opportunities?

Filta’s green business franchise opportunities aren’t just great investments; they’re also great for the environment. We provide multiple in-demand services to restaurants that they need in order to run smoothly, meet health codes, and save money. If you’re serious about starting a new business of your own, Filta could be the low-cost opportunity you’ve been looking for.

Low Initial Costs

Starting a Filta franchise costs far less than other businesses – our green business franchise opportunities are geared towards providing services to other businesses, so there’s no need to invest in costly inventory or a commercial storefront. 

Instead, the initial investment in a Filta includes virtually everything you’ll need to get started, such as:

  • A one-time franchise fee of $39,950, granting you the right to operate under our brand name and business model
  • An approved vehicle to support your mobile business, housing the tools and equipment you’ll need to provide services
  • Marketing materials to spread the word about your new business

Serve a Massive Industry

The restaurant industry is huge, valued at around $548 billion and growing. Filta is famous for our fryer management services, but we provide numerous services that virtually every restaurant could use to operate more efficiently. FiltaDrain to prevent clogs, FiltaCool to manage humidity in cold storage – all of these services are designed to save restaurants time and money.

With this in mind, virtually every restaurant in your area is a potential customer.

Help the Environment

Our cooking oil recycling program, FiltaBio, keeps cooking oil out of landfills – repurposing it to fuel diesel trucks instead. This service is valuable for restaurants, as disposal of waste cooking oil is often complicated by local laws. As a result, many restaurants are forced to store it on-site, which takes up valuable space and can attract rodents. They love that their local Filta franchisees can take it off their hands and that 100% of the waste oil is converted into biodiesel

Of course, being environmentally-conscious is also good for business – 55% of consumers are willing to pay more for goods from eco-friendly businesses. And our customers can even quantify how they are contributing to a greener lifestyle thanks to our Environmental Impact Reports.

Strong Support in Every Stage

One of the best reasons to consider our green business franchise opportunity is that we’ve established a model that’s proven to work, and we’re dedicated to helping you master it. We help our franchisees before and after they’ve opened their new business. They can count on us to show them the ropes when it comes to how to provide services, how to find and sign new customers, how to increase their bottom lines, and much more.

Never owned your own business? No problem – most of our franchisees haven’t. We have processes in place to simplify every aspect of running your Filta franchise.

Contact us today to learn more about our green business franchise opportunity and how Filta stands out.

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