Free Marketing Materials Promotes Brand Awareness

Filta marketing materialsMarketing is one of the key arms in any business or organization, and as the reach of a company, marketing is necessary for any company to be seen or heard within the target industry. As 2012 reaches its half way marker, Filta understands the value of marketing and has taken key measures to promote brand awareness by providing its Franchise Owners with free marketing materials to promote Filta’s fryer filtration and cooking oil disposal services. Offering various marking programs has been a great benefit for the Franchise Network and their territories.

A program that has been very effective in promoting brand awareness and Filta’s “Book a FREE Demo” service has been the Telesales and Direct Mail campaign, which is offered as an added value support service to its Franchise Network – all free. On top of that, Filta is providing all of its oil filtration and sustainability brochures to its Franchise Owners. Filta understands the importance of local marketing, and offering its Franchise Network with free marketing materials has made a positive impact for its Franchise Owners.

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