Filta Conference Invites Environmentally Forward Owners to Orlando

bar graph that shows growthThe 2012 Filta Franchise Conference promises to deliver an impressive lineup of presenters to speak to its Franchise Owners. Filta has been putting all the workings together behind the scenes to produce a conference that will be designed to focus on one key aspect of business growth, sales. The conference attendees will learn how to drive the sales aspect of the business and will host various sales oriented sessions with some of the top Franchise Owners in the Filta Franchise Network. The “Panel of the Pros” will share their tips and best practices on building an organization through sales and what makes them profitable.

A key highlight will be keynote Janine Driver, the President of Body Language Institute. After the keynote, Mrs. Driver will go into specific techniques on how Franchise Owners can use body language to their advantage in closing sales.

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