Filta Offers a Repeat Customer Model to Franchisees

One of the greatest advantages of owning a Filta Environmental Kitchen Solutions business is that Filta offers a repeat customer model to franchisees.

Repeat Customer Model

Once a Filta owner begins work for a commercial kitchen client – a chain restaurant, a business employee cafeteria, a university, hospital, stadium, etc. – those fryers need to be serviced on a regular basis. That repeat business is bread and butter for Filta owners.

The cadence for micro-filtration, cleaning, and oil removal varies. It depends on the number of fried items on the menu. Timing also depends on what foods are cooked in the fryer and heavy use times versus slower seasons. Whether it’s every night, twice a week, or bi-monthly, commercial kitchen clients rely on Filta. That’s because our regular service keeps food tasting great and fryers operating in tip-top condition. It also extends the life of cooking oil.

A Sticky Business

John Maloney, a franchise owner in Delaware, said when he was considering all the franchise brand options available, what attracted him to Filta was this repeat customer model.

“With other franchise concepts you’re always chasing business,” said Maloney. “You are always looking for the next client. But Filta is sticky. We’ve doubled our business in five years because of how Filta offers a repeat customer model to franchisees.”

Customers Don’t Leave

Scott Clark, an owner in Athens, Ga., agrees but adds that Filta’s reputation has helped him get in the door and stick with a customer.

“I was able to add a restaurant because they had heard of Filta’s amazing reputation,” Clark said. “You don’t have customers leave.”

Franchise Information

To learn more about Filta ownership and the available territories, contact Rob Totten at To learn more about Filta’s services including fryer cleaning, microfiltration, and waste oil removal/recycling, please call 866-51-FILTA. Visit for a 24-hour live chat.

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