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Benefits of Partnering with an Eco-Friendly Franchise Trailblazer

As you explore franchise options, why not pause to find out what services the brand provides, how they got their start, their core philosophies, and most importantly, whether the service stands out in the industry it occupies?  

Consider Filta; we’re a forward-thinking eco-friendly franchise offering mobile environmental kitchen solutions to the food and hospitality industries and have been since our start in 1996. We launched our eco-friendly franchises in the United Kingdom and brought our success story to the United States in 2002. We came up with an idea based on a need; a friend of one of our founders suffered third-degree burns from changing fryer oil, and thus the idea was born with a goal to offer a safer way to handle cooking oil. What followed as we began to blaze a trail was our goal to offer a safer and faster way to handle fryer management and cooking oil filtration than the traditional method.

Blazing a Trail to Success: The Advantages of Joining our Team

For over twenty years, we have focused on innovation and customer care. Filta has earned a name for ourselves as a leader in the industry, and it’s why people recognize us as a top environmental franchise in the fryer management and cooking oil filtration sector. We are known for not only taking good care of our clients’ needs, but also taking good care of our environment. Why not realize the value in taking advantage of our respected name and come grow with us?  

To really get a feel for the Filta family, you can begin by speaking with our representatives who will help you learn more about our eco-friendly franchise. These early conversations are a low-pressure, informative way to determine whether we mutually agree it’s a good fit.  If you do become part of the Filta family, you will enter an exceptional ongoing training and support network that’s in place to help you learn everything it takes to get you started.

Environmentally Conscious 

We are an ecologically-conscious company that serves a variety of industries, that include hospitals, restaurants, stadiums, and so much more. They rely on our ecologically safe and sound practices to get the job done right. Our cooking oil micro filtration services, listed below, provide the solutions to address specific needs in an eco-friendly way.   

  • FiltaFry: Fresh oil. Micro-filtration. Bin-free oil removal
  • FiltaBio: Collection and recycling of used oil into Biodiesel
  • FiltaDrain: Grease free drain foam service
  • FiltaCool: Humidity control for cold storage environments

It’s this and more that gives us the competitive edge in our industry and what will help you retain your environmentally-conscious customers, and you’ll ultimately see reflected in your bottom line; just another Filta advantage.

An Eye to the Future

Everyone knows the bio of any successfully-run business involves partnering with hardworking people sharing your vision with a willingness to continuously evolve. When you become part of our family of eco-friendly franchises, you’ll become part of our vision as a growing franchise, with an eye to the future, that’s meeting the needs of more and more businesses across the globe in an environmentally-responsible way by leaving our planet, “in healthy shape for future generations.”  If this sounds like a trail you’d like to embark on, we encourage you to strap on your hiking shoes and follow our lead to growth and success. With our low investment franchise cost, we make it easy.

Are you interested in learning more about our environmental franchises and the forward-thinking opportunities we have to offer? Reach out to a member of our franchise development team today.

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