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Filta Franchise’s Support for Franchisees During COVID-19

With the beginning of the COVID pandemic, many business owners suffered, and some of the Filta franchise family proved to be no exception.  While we currently enjoy a diverse portfolio of clientele, many of the typical businesses we serve, like restaurants and universities, were closed for months. We never want our franchisees to suffer over something they can’t control, so our team knew we had to take action and lend a helping hand. Below are a few of the ways we’ve supported our franchisees during these challenging times, and how we adapted our services to help meet current needs.

Relief for Ongoing Fees

We made sure our existing franchisees had less to worry about when it came to their ongoing fees. The monthly sum that each Filta franchisee is expected to contribute toward ongoing expenses does vary depending on the size of their business. However, these ongoing fees are appropriated to pay for vans, equipment, and marketing services. Filta wanted to share in the risk with our owners to make sure they knew they weren’t alone.  As a result, we offered each owner a significant reduction in their ongoing fees to help reduce their burden while things were getting figured out in the foodservice industry. However, we wanted to do more to demonstrate how much we care.

In-House Task Force

A lot of business owners had questions at the start of the pandemic, notably, what kind of relief they could expect to receive from the government. The Filta franchise family has grown to over 100 franchises, so we went in prepared to give every owner the attention they deserve. We wanted to provide all our franchisees with the information they needed, so our in-house team put together a pandemic task force dedicated to answering all our operators’ questions. If our franchisees were eligible for loans or any kind of financial relief, we made sure they were made aware of the steps involved to secure any money they were entitled to. 

Introducing FiltaShield  

Sometimes, opportunities present themselves at the most inopportune times. We wanted to make sure our franchisees had the financial relief they needed. However, we also wanted to find a way to elevate their offerings to make up for any lost business. That’s why our team came together and introduced our newest service, FiltaShield. A preventative sanitization and disinfection service that allows our clients to maintain a virus-free working environment, the FiltaShield technology will help our clients and their employees stay healthy so they can keep their doors open long-term. 

Sanitize: Our team of technicians will conduct a virus threat analysis and determine which areas of our clients’ space should be considered a high-risk area. They will then spray down the surface with an EPA-approved disinfectant solution, wipe the solution away, and leave behind a Certificate of Sanitization with the date of our last visit. 

Protect: Filta has also partnered with an advanced biocide manufacturer, which allows us to offer a product that protects surfaces for up to 30 days. There’s a lot of science behind it, and it’s how we can protect our clients for longer periods of time, allowing them to go about their everyday routines. 

Monitor: We wanted to find a way to elevate our services beyond anything our competition could offer, and our temperature screening technology did the trick. Our clients can now ask us to install thermographic cameras to detect elevated skin temperatures and to be used as rapid-fire fever screeners. Once an individual with a temperature of higher than 100.4° Fahrenheit is detected, an alarm will sound to alert that person that he or she has a fever. 

When you join the Filta franchise family, we make sure your business is positioned for success today and tomorrow. Would you like to learn more about starting your journey? Feel free to contact us today!

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