Retail Merchandising Executive: Thriving as a Franchise Owner for 25+ Years

North Carolina resident, Joe Forbidussi had worked in retail for over 25 years before he decided it was time to make a change and began talking with a franchising coach just over twelve months ago.

“I was looking for a service that fit the profile, I knew I wanted something that was mobile based with a low investment but a high return, I was also looking for something that was recession proof and not effected by the weather” recalls Forbidussi. 

“I was probably looking at eight or nine franchises in depth at the time, but I remember returning from the Filta discovery day and speaking to my franchising coach who told me to go for it”.

Forbidussi went on to purchase the Gastonia, North Carolina territory in October 2017 which at the time, already had just over a vans worth of business. 

From day one he then added a second van in order to grow the business and has spent the last ten months on business development, building a better relationship with the existing customer base whilst adding on additional services and prospecting for new customers.

“I’m going to double the business by the end of the year”

“I’m going to double the business by the end of the year, not by adding additional customers and vans but by maximizing the quality customers and adding growth with the additional services” said Forbidussi. 

“The following year I’ll look to expand and add a third van to my business before adding an operations manager and purchasing surrounding territories” 
commented Forbidussi. 

Joe knows he is fortunate to have some exceptional technicians working for his business and recognizes that by treating them right and investing in them today, he will make it back in a year from now. 

“I have a really good work life balance, my technicians enable me to create my own schedule and each week I visit a different group of key customers. My guys prefer to work nights because they all have young families and it improves their work life balance”.

“From a business point of view, working nights also makes us more efficient and allows us to move between jobs quicker” 
said Forbidussi.

Joe currently services: Gastonia, Shelby, Lincolnton, Mooresville, Statesville, Hickory, Lenoir, Morganton & Gaffney SC. Click Here to contact and book a free, no obligation, site evaluation.

Alternatively, why not take the next step today and find out if your local territory is still available by calling Ariana Rodriguez at:407-996-5550.

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