Filta Kitchen Solutions: Rapid North American Expansion in 2018

Source: Business Insider

ORLANDO, Sept. 18, 2018 / Filta Environmental Kitchen Solutions (Filta), the world’s restaurant kitchen and hospitality leader in active fryer management and environmental sustainability, announced today strong growth since the beginning of 2018, opening 10 new franchised units and signing 11 new franchise agreements to date. This momentum represents the brand’s expansion into top priority growth markets such as PennsylvaniaCaliforniaIowaMichiganOregon and Alaska, where the company added its first franchisee in the state. Fueled by the company’s robust support system designed specifically to lower franchisee barriers to growth, Filta is strategically positioned to achieve its development goals.

“Filta has experienced strong growth in 2018 – from new openings to existing franchise operators expanding their business,” said Tom Dunn, Filta Environmental Kitchen Solutions chief operating officer. “This relentless drive to constantly improve our franchise offering has allowed us to accelerate our development efforts in expansion markets such as Alaska and Pennsylvania, while continuing to fill in available territories across the country. These impressive strides we’ve made as brand, along with our continued focus on innovation and franchisee support will make this year one of the best ever in our nearly two decades of history.”

Since its inception, Filta has positioned itself as the groundbreaking founder of the active fryer management industry, which makes commercial kitchens safer, more efficient, and environmentally sustainable by micro-filtering existing cooking oil, providing bin-free waste oil collection, deep cleaning fryers, and recycling waste oil. Furthermore, the brand has expanded its kitchen services into humidity control for cold storage and grease-free drain foams making it a recognized environmental leader across the restaurant and hospitality industry. Through its network of thousands of commercial and restaurant kitchens that it services every week, Filta has recycled nearly 1 billion pounds of used cooking oil into bio-diesel, significantly reducing the impact of fryer oil on the environment.

“While our services can appreciably benefit restaurant and commercial kitchen profit margins by impacting oil consumption while providing a better tasting and more consistent product – our franchisees are also making a real and tangible difference in our environment,” said Dunn. “Our franchise model is built around weekly repeat business that provides a predictable revenue stream for our franchise operators – and while that’s great for business, we’ve also been able to turn nearly 1 billion pounds of waste oil into bio-diesel in the process, which is something everyone in our entire organization is extremely proud of. For every gallon of bio-diesel we put into use, we’re preventing 16 pounds of carbon dioxide from entering the atmosphere.”

Filta franchisees serve thousands of clients weekly across North America. Customers range from single and chain restaurants to commercial kitchens inside casinos, hospitals, hotels, groceries, universities, business facilities, stadiums (NFL, NCAA, MLB, NHL), and more. With franchisees across 44 states, Filta is currently seeking single and multi-unit operators to join its growing successful franchise network in select new and existing territories across the U.S. including: New YorkNew JerseyHawaii, Long Island, Seattle, Tulsa, Green Bay and Portland, among others. Filta franchisees can expect their initial investment to range from approximately $103,100 – $116,700 including a $39,950 territory fee. Furthermore, Filta franchisees benefit from a robust corporate-based inside sales support team designed to help franchisees acquire new business opportunities in their territories in addition to recruiting technicians to service clients.

Filta is a home-based, multi-service, multi-van franchise system offering entrepreneurs a predictable revenue stream model built on weekly repeat business within exclusive territories. With minimal overhead, marginal equipment and a customer base that is easily scalable, Filta franchisees are well positioned for success.

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About Filta Environmental Kitchen Solutions
Filta Environmental Kitchen Solutions, the recognized leader in active fryer management and environmental kitchen sustainability across the food and hospitality industry, is the U.S. franchise system of United Kingdom-based Filta Group Holdings PLC (AIM: FLTA). The cornerstone of the company’s offering is FiltaFry, the complete fryer management service incorporating on-site micro-filtration as well as the removal, recycling and replacement of cooking oil. Filta provides humidity control in cold storage devices through its FiltaCool brand and prevents drain blockage through its grease-free drain foam brand FiltaDrain. Filta has nearly 150 franchisees across North America providing services to thousands of restaurants and commercial kitchens every week. Visit for franchise development opportunities.

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