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Understanding the Filta Franchise Fee and Its Significance

For novice investors who might not have years of franchising experience under their belt yet, there might be a few unfamiliar terms unique to franchising that you will soon learn more about. If you’ve explored our costs to start a fryer management and oil filtration business with Filta, you may have already seen the words “franchise fee” used quite a bit. That’s because the franchise fee is one of the essential Filta franchise costs you’ll be responsible for  — and what it gets you is vital to your journey as a business owner. Let’s take a look at what a franchise fee is, what you receive in return for your payment, and why Filta is a smarter way to invest.

What is a franchise fee?

The franchise fee is something that is not unique to Filta franchise costs. Franchise businesses across all industries include this payment in their initial investment. However, the prices vary depending on the brand because of many factors, such as the uniqueness and complexity of the franchise system, the expected ROI, and the company’s costs for development and acquisition. The franchise fee also provides you with the exclusive and protected territory rights to specific geography This overall fee is a one-time payment made directly to the franchisor after you sign the franchise agreement. Once you sign on the dotted line and make your payment, you’ll be granted the right to use the franchise brand name, business systems, and services or products.

What do I get with Filta’s franchise fee of $39,950?

As a Filta franchisee, the franchise fee is arguably the most crucial aspect of your costs to start a fryer management and oil filtration business. Below, we’ve listed some of the important benefits your Filta franchise fee pays for.

Brand Name: Every brand will say they have something unique to offer that can’t be matched by any other opportunity in the industry, making their fee worth the asking price. The truth is that the competition can’t match our services because we’ve taken over the cooking oil filtration and fryer management industry. We don’t believe there is any competition to be had, which has allowed us to build an impressive catalog of success stories. Since our start in 1996, Filta has been consistently recognized as the leader in our industry. Our clients know who to call when they have questions regarding fryer management.

Services: At Filta, the technology our technicians use is top-of-the-line, and we’ve perfected four essential services that far surpass industry standards. We continually keep an eye out for trends and adapt our offerings accordingly. Those are not empty words; FiltaShield was implemented during the height of COVID-19 to help safeguard our clients against the dangers of the virus. Our clients have depended on our cooking oil filtration and fryer management services for decades to help them properly manage their fryers and waste less of their resources. 

Established Business Model: Through the years, our business model has helped over 100 franchisees grow their own mobile business. Our franchisees love this system because it sets them up for recurring revenue with a client-friendly service model. To develop a system like ours independently would take years of hard work and resources, which makes paying the Filta franchise costs well worth the price.

Training and Support: When you start your Filta franchise, you won’t begin your journey alone. We’ll take the time to get you up to speed during our comprehensive two-week training program, and be available to support you throughout your journey. You will also receive start-up support from a dedicated Business Development Manager and have access to our full suite of online resources, including Filta’s proprietary intranet system, called FiltaNet. At Filta, we treat every new franchisee like family because we believe our business partnership means more than the numbers. 

Would you like to learn more about our costs to start a fryer management and oil recycling business with Filta? Get in touch with a member of our team today.

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