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Filta Environmental: How Our Van-Based Franchise Ensures Success

Filta cooking oil filtration and fryer management franchises have existed for over 20 years. Over that time, we’ve learned that a van-based franchise opportunity is one that can open many doors, from expanding our product offerings to reaching more customers. That expertise translates to a beneficial experience for our franchisees, who enjoy low overhead and greater freedom, among many other advantages.  

We service over 7,000 customers every week, and we’re always adding new customers with our wide variety of services. Joining the Filta Environmental Kitchen Solutions franchise means you have the freedom to be your own boss, unmatched franchisor support, and the opportunity to tap into multiple revenue streams. You can feel good that you’re helping keep people safer and the environment healthier. 

Low Overhead

Filta’s van-based franchise opportunity is a low investment franchise option, so the costs may be lower than you think. Since we began franchising in 1996, we’ve learned how to streamline costs so that our franchisees can rest assured they aren’t wasting money on frivolous expenses. While we’ve established an estimated range that considers all costs involved, the exact amount you’ll invest will ultimately depend on factors such as your location.

The initial franchise fee grants you access to our proprietary technology and brand name; it covers virtually all costs to start the mobile active fryer management and cooking oil filtration business along with the training and support you’re entitled to throughout the life of your business.

Our estimate for the total cost to start a van-based franchise opportunity will run between $108,300 and $122,050. This figure includes our initial franchise fee of $39,950 and our opening package, which is $54,950. There are also leasing options that can help to lower the upfront out of pocket cost.

Greater Freedom

If you’re looking to get out of the office, consider our scalable, home-based business model. Franchisees with Filta have more freedom as owners and more potential for growth. Better than that, we have very few competitors. The services we offer are unique, have proven to be effective, and are in high demand by a number of industries. When you open your van-based franchise opportunity with Filta, you’ll be free to look ahead — to growing your new business, enjoying more financial freedom, and contributing to the outstanding reputation of the Filta brand name. 

Our Branding

As the first to introduce mobile commercial micro-filtration in the U.S., we have an established reputation for providing environmentally-friendly services to commercial kitchens everywhere. We’re pioneers and continue to be the leaders in our industry. As included in the Filta franchise cost, you are entitled to operate under the Filta brand name. As a leader in the cooking oil filtration and fryer management field, doing business under the Filta name brings with it substantial benefits, by namely setting you apart from the competition.  

Our Family

We invest in our franchisees, and our onboarding process includes teaching you our business model and working hard to bring you up to speed on our industry and its potential. When you start your van-based franchise, you’ll need training and support you can count on before, during, and after you begin your business. Filta franchisee training also includes a comprehensive two-week training program and technical, sales, and business support hotlines. We believe wholeheartedly in supporting our franchisees because we know their success is our success. 

Environmentally Conscious Driven

Filta is one of the best van-based franchise opportunities geared toward anyone looking to help the environment that offers a future with lots of growth potential. Cooking oil costs incurred by restaurants can be a good deal of money, and it also requires careful disposal to avoid environmental or personal accidents.  

Our proprietary microfiltration technology helps us remedy both problems while allowing restaurants to extend the life of their cooking oil. This way, they can replace it less frequently, saving them valuable money and time. Once cooking oil is ready to be disposed of, Filta collects it from customers (removing the need for an on-site bin), stores it in bulk, and sells it to be converted into reusable biodiesel. This process prevents it from harming wetlands or wildlife.

Multiple Revenue Streams

Filta has been around since 1996 and has secured contracts with very well-known businesses locally, regionally, and at the corporate level. The FiltaNet support-system allows collaboration for business development. We also offer a wide range of services; from the original FiltaFry to our latest FiltaShield, we’re expanding our offerings to cover all of our customer’s needs.

Learn more about van-based franchise opportunities and more, at Filta.

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