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Top 5 FAQs from Potential Filta Franchisees

When signing on as a new franchise partner, even with an established brand such as Filta, it’s important to do your proper due diligence and ask the right questions. Thankfully for prospective Filta franchisees, Vice President of Franchise Development Adam Blake is well-versed in the kind of in-depth knowledge that franchise candidates seek and he is always ready to share his insights. Below are five of the most frequently asked questions prospective Filta franchisees discuss with him.

1. What is the investment needed to open a Filta Environmental Kitchen Solutions

With a strong brand identity, excellent franchise relationships, and a passionate executive leadership team in place, Filta also boasts an affordable average initial investment of between $108,300 – $122,050 for a single territory.

2. How did Filta get started and where is it going?

There’s got to be a better way. That’s what one of our founders thought after a friend suffered third-degree burns while changing fryer oil in a restaurant kitchen. Since our inception in 1996, Filta has positioned itself as the pioneering leader of active fryer management and environmental kitchen sustainability across the food and hospitality industries. Sure, there were some bumps along the way, but one thing that has remained constant over our nearly 25-year history is that we insist on building meaningful relationships based on our mission: to reshape our global environment while increasing kitchen safety and sustainability.

“If there is one thing that the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic has taught us, it is that in order to operate as a successful franchisee you must have a passion and determination for what you do,” said Blake. “We’re also fortunate that we provide a tremendously impactful service while possessing strong operations, a core customer base, resilient leadership and a willingness to serve. In fact, because of the resiliency of our franchisees and the strength of our brand, we expect our strong sales numbers to continue to rise into the foreseeable future.”

3. How do I stay competitive? What makes Filta different?

Since creating a new pathway to fryer management in restaurants and commercial kitchens more than 20 years ago, Filta has created a completely new category in the food and beverage industry. In fact, Filta is the single largest U.S. provider of fryer management services, cold storage humidity control and grease-free drain foam cleaning.

“Nobody can compete with our product offering and our commitment to the communities in which we operate,” said Blake. “Our investment in technology and our continual push to innovate and unveil new product offerings such as FiltaShield, continues to position our franchisees for success. Furthermore, our commitment to the environment extends beyond the four walls of every kitchen we service. To date, Filta has recycled nearly 1 billion pounds of used cooking oil into biodiesel fuel, which has helped thousands of commercial kitchens produce a carbon offset equivalent to planting 17 million trees.”

4. What kind of training and support can I expect as a Filta franchisee?

At Filta, you’re not flying solo. All franchise partners complete a comprehensive multi-week training program at our headquarters in Orlando, Fla. Franchise business advisors continue to provide support in both streamlining operations and maximizing franchise profitability, while data driven recording tracks key performance metrics throughout the system to identify opportunities for amplified growth. Furthermore, Filta provides ongoing inside sales that set up appointments with new customers, something that’s quite unique to our service model. Filta also provides best-in-class marketing; technical, sales and business support hotlines; and a customized CRM system that integrates with accounting, operations management and fleet tracking software.

5. What are the keys to success for a Filta franchisee?

“Filta attracts a high caliber franchisee and they always want to know, ‘How do I become the best Filta owner?” said Blake. “What new franchisees quickly embrace is that Filta has a great system for sharing knowledge and best practices, which is ultimately why someone would choose the Filta system in the first place – to be in business for themselves but not by themselves.”

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