Filta Franchise Diverse Services: Beyond Cooking Oil Filtration Franchise

Filta’s fryer management and cooking oil filtration franchise has spent over 20 years handling services for restaurants and food establishments. Our proprietary cooking oil filtration system is two-fold: we help customers get more life out of their cooking oil, saving them time and money; and we recycle the oil once it’s past its prime to protect the environment from spills and haphazard disposal.

We service over 7,000 customers every week, and we’re always adding new customers with our wide variety of services. Joining Filta Environmental Kitchen Solutions van-based franchise means you have the freedom of becoming your own boss, unmatched franchisor support, and the opportunity to tap into multiple revenue streams. You can feel good that you’re helping keep people safer and the environment healthier. 

Our Services and Why Our Customers Need Them

At Filta Environmental, not only do we offer cooking oil filtration franchise services, but we also offer expanded services that reach even more customers.  FiltaFry, FiltaBio, FiltaDrain, FiltaCool, and FiltaShield are five important offerings that save our customers time and money. Customers trust us to keep their kitchens up and running, because we offer so much more with the same value and professional attention you can trust.


FiltaFry is the one that began it all. Our signature full-fryer management system is eco-friendly and offers van-based mobile onsite service. We provide services that include micro-filtration of cooking oil, vacuum-based cleaning of deep fryers, and full fryer management. Our management service is comprehensive, including temperature calibration, cooking oil filtration, and thorough vacuuming of each fryer.

Being our most popular service, FiltaFry provides customers with weekly service. Our weekly management includes a visit to their establishment to filter their cooking oil. This process saves employees from the dangerous task of handling oil and helps our customers save money in the long run.


FiltaBio is becoming an increasingly important service. This service allows for the recycling of spent cooking oil into reusable biodiesel, making ours a rare cooking oil filtration franchise. The disposal of used cooking oil is an environmentally essential task; often, kitchens end up putting their waste oil collection bins out by their dumpsters for commercial services removal. The used cooking oil can cause problems with pests, overflows, and environmental damage and likely subject customers to fines. Our FiltaBio service takes care of these potential hazards.


FiltaCool is our moisture control service that goes hand in hand with our cooking oil filtration franchise. As walk-in coolers have a built-in struggle with moisture, this can lead to the perfect environment for mold, bacteria, odors, and food deterioration. Every time a cooler’s doors swing open, the warm air rushes in and meets the cold air, creating moisture. Our FiltaCool moisture-controlling system keeps our customer’s walk-in coolers dry and food safe.


FiltaDrain is our latest revolutionary service. This service provides an environmentally safe way of keeping drains clean, eliminating the foul smells, odor-causing bacteria, and flies that dirty drains are often associated with. We use professional foams with a highly concentrated, live, non-toxic probiotic that immediately goes to work to consume the fats, oils, grease, sugars, and starches that build up to block drains.


FiltaShield is our new preventative sanitization treatment service. Through this service, we’re able to leave surfaces virtually germ-free by utilizing eco-friendly methods and state-of-the-art technology that involve no abrasives, no rinsing, and require no ventilation. Our highly-trained technicians can identify at-risk areas, paying special attention to the common point of contact surfaces — like doorknobs, cabinets, sinks, and other areas — and will complete a detailed analysis to identify the level of cleaning and sanitization necessary. Our experts will educate you and your staff on best practices to keep your space germ-free, and can arrange for regular treatment visits to assure your guests, customers, and staff are always protected.

Curious about a rewarding and flexible van-based franchise? Consider our Filta Environmental cooking oil filtration franchise and contact us today to learn more.

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