How to Start a Fryer Management and Cooking Oil Filtration Business

Before you inquire about opening a Filta, please know that virtually none of our franchisees come in with a preexisting understanding of how to start a fryer management and cooking oil filtration business. Our franchise is incredibly unique, so we don’t necessarily expect you to come on board equipped with background knowledge. Instead, we suggest that you do a little research into our industry, the Filta brand, and what kind of clients we typically work with. 

Understanding Your Region and the Industry 

Let’s start off by thinking about the industry, and if you are in a region that would fit our track record of typical clients. Filta works best in bustling communities that host just some of the following industries: 

  • Restaurants
  • Hospitals
  • Grocery Stores
  • Colleges
  • Hotels
  • Stadiums
  • Retailers
  • And more!

Large or small businesses that use equipment such as industrial fryers or walk-in coolers rely heavily on our maintenance and oil recycling services. On top of that, Filta is also now offering a comprehensive sanitization and disinfection program called FiltaShield. This suite of cleaning services can benefit almost any type of consumer-facing business, which gives our opportunity incredible appeal over any other van-based franchise out there. 

Find a Brand You Align With

A franchise investment is a life-decision, which means that the brand you choose should be more than just a business investment. People at Filta love our brand because we believe strongly in treating our franchisees and corporate team like family. When you start a small business from scratch, you won’t have the added support from an established brand with years of experience to offer. But more notably, you’ll be out there on your own. That’s what makes franchising such an exciting opportunity, we take a lot of the weight off your shoulders. While you handle the day to day operations of your business, our in-house team will be conducting market research and strategizing to keep your brand relevant for years to come. If that’s the kind of support that you value, then let us help you learn how to start a cooking oil filtration and fryer management business.

Ask Questions, Have an Open Mind

At Filta, we believe in prioritizing a low-pressure franchise onboarding experience. Discovery day, training, and all of those days leading up are to make you feel comfortable in your new business. We want you to walk away from these experiences with the resources and knowledge of how to start a cooking oil filtration and fryer management business that will yield success. Whenever you have conversations with the Filta team, feel free to ask whatever questions you have about the franchising experience. And if you think you’d benefit from talking to an existing operator, we can certainly get you in touch with a franchisee. 

Do you still have questions about how to start a cooking oil filtration and fryer management business? Feel free to get in touch with a member of the Filta franchise team today!

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