Filta Franchise Unique Development Approach: Standing Out from Competitors

Even when servicing more than 10,000 restaurant and commercial kitchens per week, Filta Environmental Kitchen Solutions (Filta) is constantly improving. Walk into the corporate offices in Orlando, Florida on any given day and you’ll probably find co-founder Jason Sayers working on some sort of operational innovation or addressing the needs of franchisees. That’s because since […]

Your Solution for Savings in the Face of Doubled Cooking Oil Prices

canola oil prices

The price of vegetable oil has more than doubled since the pandemic began and many commercial kitchens have taken a hit on their profitability as well as scrambled to find cooking oil for their fryers. Filta is watching a nationwide cooking oil shortage, somewhat reminiscent of the early pandemic toilet paper stockpiling, and many of […]

Filta’s Next Priority Market for Franchise Expansion: Portland, Oregon

Filta market Portland Oregon

Region is one of the few major US markets with territory still available   As restaurant guest counts and revenues soar,  Filta Environmental Kitchen Solutions (Filta) continues to remain top of mind for commercial kitchens because of the strong leadership shown by our franchisees across all the communities in which we operate. Our leading service-based […]

Five Important Reasons Filta Continues its Franchise Growth

A franchise brand doesn’t reach its 25th year without a formula for success. Here at Filta Environmental Kitchen Solutions (Filta), we like to think it’s because our clients love the way we treat them and take care of their commercial kitchens. Turns out, clients absolutely LOVE the same things we do – safer and more […]

Filta Kitchen Solutions Gears Up for Business Surge as Nationwide Lockdowns Lift

open for business

Filta and its nationwide network of about 150 franchise owners are bracing for a “tsunami” of business as former and new commercial kitchen clients open as pandemic lockdowns lift. “It’s critical that we staff up in the right way to get ahead of the tsunami of business that’s already begun nationwide,” said Tom Dunn, Filta […]

How to Start a Family Franchise Restaurant Business Without Experience

family business

If you’re wondering how to start a family franchise business, you’re in the right place. Filta has a great business opportunity for anyone who’s focused on family. Whether you’re looking to build a business that allows you to spend more time with them or a business that you can run as a team, Filta offers […]

Why Explore Our Green Business Franchise Opportunities?

green business franchise opportunities

Filta’s green business franchise opportunities aren’t just great investments; they’re also great for the environment. We provide multiple in-demand services to restaurants that they need in order to run smoothly, meet health codes, and save money. If you’re serious about starting a new business of your own, Filta could be the low-cost opportunity you’ve been […]

Filta Environmental: How Our Van-Based Franchise Ensures Success

opening a mobile franchise business

Filta cooking oil filtration and fryer management franchises have existed for over 20 years. Over that time, we’ve learned that a van-based franchise opportunity is one that can open many doors, from expanding our product offerings to reaching more customers. That expertise translates to a beneficial experience for our franchisees, who enjoy low overhead and […]

Filta Franchise Diverse Services: Beyond Cooking Oil Filtration Franchise

Filta’s fryer management and cooking oil filtration franchise has spent over 20 years handling services for restaurants and food establishments. Our proprietary cooking oil filtration system is two-fold: we help customers get more life out of their cooking oil, saving them time and money; and we recycle the oil once it’s past its prime to […]

5 Easy Steps to Your Family-Friendly Franchise Future

If you have a family, franchise businesses come with a lot of perks compared to starting one from scratch. Many parents love the idea of running their own business because it allows them the freedom to set their own schedules and prioritize their children. That’s probably why more parents are starting to take an interest […]

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